Sunday, October 3, 2010

The love of a birth mother

The Love of a Birthmother by Susan Scharpf
This is my original illustrated poem about the love of a birth mother. I think there are lots different reasons a birth mother gives up a baby.  Maybe she was just so young and didn't feel she had the skills and the resources to take care of a child.  Maybe she was pressured by her parents.  Maybe she was scared.  Maybe she never had any kind of family support to help her sort through her options and be there to love and help her. Or maybe it was because their life was just such a mess she couldn't see how this added responsibility could fit in. Whatever the reason, there is often a decision that this is the best thing for this child. And even if it's because they just don't want to take care of a baby, they did carry that baby to the end when they could have ended his or her life. And sometimes turning over that child is best for everyone. No one knows the deep pain that affects a person's choices. But sometimes, something wonderful comes from it. And for those of us who have dreamed of having that baby placed in our arms, that mother gave a gift that we couldn't get without her. That's what this is about. 


  1. Hi! I love this illustration and poem. I was wondering if I may obtain permission to use your picture (giving credit of course) for a flyer for a local birth mother support group. My name is Jessica, I am a social work student and a birthmother from Buffalo, NY.

  2. I would also like to have permission to use this. We will be having a conference on adoption in June. The name is "The Many Faces of Adoption". We will have two families who have adopted, a birth mother, an adoption attorney and an agency that will discuss foster to adopt. Please contact me - thank you Trish.